Minutes from July 14, 2011

PEAT meeting July 14, 2011


Bill Oliver
Justin Palmer
Mary Anne Mitchell
Sam Saltonstall
Steve Demos
Vinnie Demos

Coastal Cleanup

Vinnie will make a plan, simplified from last year, to encourage islanders to collect plastics (especially cigarette butts) from the shoreline. Perhaps we could choose one centrally located drop-off spot where people could leave stuff all week. Then have a counting/tallying party with music at the end. How about if Denise and Priscilla would allow us to fill up the little slot behind the community room or next to it on Sterling St. We could make a banner to mark the spot and also give info about plastic in the ocean?

Parking lot cleanup

Sam will contact Sandy? and Mary Anne will speak to Desi about strategies for knotweed control or even eradication. Then next week they will establish a protocol for attacking the knotweed in the parking lot down front:

How to control it
Where to stack it for pick-up
Who picks it up and when

Parking lot oak tree

We will arrange for a red oak to be planted in the fall and dedicated to Cynthia Cole. Steve will research bronze plaques and order one approximately 8 1/2” x 5 1/2” to be made asap so that we can show it to Cynthia and have a little presentation/going away party for her this summer.

Cigarette butts

Vinnie will prepare single short messages about cigarette butt/plastic damage in the ocean and email them once a week to Sam, who will post them down front on his sandwich board. We will attempt to make them short, interesting or even amusing, and regularly posted in hopes that folks will begin to notice them and look forward to the next one. We will figure out the best way to publicly thank those businesses who have agreed to put out butt containers and keep them emptied.

PeaksFest Tree Show

A good number of islanders contributed art work and, thanks to Sam’s participation in the parade as a walking tree with a poster for the show, it was well attended. The library continued to display most of the pictures until this week and Priscilla reports that folks enjoyed it a lot. Next year we plan to dress up as knotweed plants and march in the parade as an advancing army of invasive species. Perhaps more PEAT members could attend with shovels and pickaxes and we could stage a mock battle!

Community garden report

The garden shed is progressing slowly but steadily and now has the framing up for three walls. The new waist-high herb garden, which is wheelchair accessible, has been completed and planted as well as five hand-made self-watering containers made of spackle buckets. The garden is looking good. The Brackett Church is including it in their island garden tour on July 30 from 10 to 3.

Wind report - what happened at Tuesday night meeting about wind ordinance in Portland

Sam attended the meeting and reports that not many changes were made from the original draft of the ordinance, which would limit turbines to a height of 160 feet in some recreational and open-space areas. He said, though, that it would b e possible to appeal for a variance in special cases. For residential areas, the zoning height limit of 45 feet – although an improvement on the first draft proposal of 35- pretty much makes it an impossibility.

All terrain vehicles at Trott Littlejohn

Teenagers have been riding an ATV around the community garden and through the area recently torn up by the logging operation. Vinnie spoke with them and pointed out that it would be helpful if they rode elsewhere once the area was reseeded so that it wouldn’t become a complete dustbowl. They seemed amenable to that idea and said they could ride at Battery Steele. On the other hand, as Stephen pointed out, the park location is eminently suitable for this recreational use because it’s away from houses and traffic...

Art on the Porch – NOT

Too much going on in the next month for Vinnie to participate, but she hopes to plan ahead and do a table next year for selling various PEAT publications.

Peaks Island Fund grant for operating expenses

The Peaks Island Fund has awarded us $300 to use for operating expenses. The hope is that, by eliminating the need to spend personal funds on stuff like printing, postage and lamination, we can more easily attract younger members as well as those on fixed incomes. With a larger member base, we might be able to do a single annual even to cover such expenses in future years.

Proposed change of meeting date -  once again!

The group decided to move back to our original meeting time of the first Monday of every month. There will be no August meeting since it would come up so soon. Instead we will try to arrage a field trip to visit Mark Shain’s micro farm and chat about permaculture on Peaks. Sam volunteered to set this up.