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twig onlyRemember that islands are fragile places.  Please:

  • Think twice about bringing your car!  See red text below for alternatives.
  • Respect property and privacy.  Our island is home to many.  If you visit one of our beaches, remember that the area between high and low tide belongs to adjacent property owners. Be respectful of neighbors’ desire for peace and quiet, especially in the evening.
  • Enjoy the natural beauty but don’t take pieces of it home with you.
  • Dispose of recyclable bottles, cans, cigarette butts properly.  If the appropriate containers are full, please pack out your stuff.
  • Find good places off the roads or walkways to stop and enjoy your surroundings.  Be mindful of those needing to get somewhere.  In summer, it gets pretty crowded out here.
  • Caution advised: poison ivy and ticks both thrive on Peaks Island.  Click on our “For Island Residents” tab for links to more information, and follow the usual precautions.
  • Use good sense on our streets.  All the mainland “rules of the road” apply on the islands too, but walkers and bicyclers abound.
  • Public bathrooms are available in the parking area by the ferry dock during the summer. There are also public bathrooms located in the Public Safety building (in the hallway outside the branch library and community room). To reach this building from the ferry landing, walk up Welch Street and turn left. Go several blocks and you will see the brick building on the right side of the street just past Brad’s Bike Shop.

Peaks is small.  Bringing your own bike on the ferry is far less expensive than transporting a car to the island or renting a golf cart.  Or if  you prefer, leave your bike at home and rent:

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Brad’s bike shop (766-5631, is a 5 minute walk from the ferry dock. All kinds of bikes are available for rent including bicycles built for two.  Kid carriers are available too. Brad’s is a seasonal business, but the honor system is used in spring and fall.  Not a biker?

The Island Community Taxi, a late model mini-van, (207-518-0000, meets all day-time ferries.  The nonprofit taxi can pick up wedding parties, give you a tour of the back shore, and deliver your groceries, freight, flowers, luggage, even your pizza!  Several island businesses use golf carts to provide tours as well.

A walk around the whole island takes a little over an hour. The route  features rocky beaches on the back shore and access to Battery Steele.  The interior of the island features many hiking trails on conservation land. Where ever you go, please leave no trace, and pack out your trash.

If you must bring a car, know that our speed limit everywhere is 20 mph.  Take particular care near the island’s elementary school and Down Front, where pedestrians abound.


Pedestrians, bikers and car drivers must follow normal rules of the road.  But it would be foolish to assume that others always will.  Prevent accidents by navigating with caution.  It’s a long way to the emergency room.

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a lighter footprint on the Island environment